March 18

March 18, 1431

Passion Sunday, March 18th. The statements are presented to the assessors

On the Sunday of the Passion of Our Lord, the following day, March 18th before Us and brother Jean Le Maistre, Vice-Inquisitor, in our episcopal dwelling at Rouen, and in the presence of the reverend brothers and masters,

  • Gilles, abbot of Fécamp,
  • Pierre, prior of Longueville,
  • Jean Beaupère,
  • Jacques de Turon,
  • Nicolas Midi,
  • Pierre Maurice, and
  • Gerard Feuillet, doctors of sacred theology, and of
  • Raoul Roussel, doctor of canon and civil law;
  • Nicolas de Venderès and
  • Jean de La Fontaine, licentiates in canon law,
  • Nicolas Couppequesne and
  • Thomas de Courcelles, bachelors of sacred theology;

we, the said bishop recalled how the said Jeanne had been interrogated for many days and that many of her confessions and answers had been put down in writing, and asked the assessors to lend us their deliberation and counsel touching the manner of our further procedure in this matter.

And we had read to them certain assertions extracted by different lawyers at our order from the replies which the said Jeanne had made so that they might more clearly view the matter and more certainly deliberate upon what was to be done.

These lords having heard this exposition solemnly and maturely deliberated. After having heard all their opinions we concluded and agreed that they should each one examine and diligently study and consult in authoritative books the opinions of doctors on these statements so that the following Thursday we might confer thereon, bringing each one his opinion; and that meanwhile certain articles should be drawn up from the examination and replies of the said Jeanne which should be preferred against her in court before us her judges.

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