March 22

March 22, 1431

Thursday the 22nd of March. Decision to extract a smaller number of articles from the statements

The following Thursday the twenty-second of March, in our episcopal dwelling at Rouen, before us, and before brother Jean Le Maistre, Vice-Inquisitor, there appeared the venerable lords and masters

  • Jean de Châtillon,
  • Erard Emengart,
  • Guillaume Le Boucher,
  • Pierre, prior of Longueville,
  • Jean Beaupère,
  • Jacques de Touraine,
  • Nicolas Midi,
  • Maurice du Quesnay,
  • Pierre Houdenc,
  • Jean de Nibat,
  • Jean Le Fèvre,
  • Pierre Maurice,
  • Jacques Guesdon, and
  • Gérard Feuillet, doctors of sacred theology;
  • Raoul Roussel, treasurer of the church of Rouen, doctor of canon and civil law;
  • Nicolas de Venderès, archdeacon of Eu, and
  • Jean de La Fontaine, licentiates in canon law;
  • William Haiton,
  • Nicolas Couppequesne and
  • Thomas de Courcelles, bachelors of sacred theology;
  • Nicolas Loiseleur, canon of the church of Rouen; and
  • brother Ysambard de La Pierre, of the order of Preaching brothers.

To those who were met before us certain reports on this matter were communicated, compiled, drawn up and put forward by learned doctors and lawyers. After having seen and heard the opinions of each one and having at length considered them, we concluded and decreed that what had been extracted from the register of the confessions of Jeanne should be drawn up in a smaller number of articles in the form of statements and propositions, the which articles should then be given to each of the doctors and lawyers so that they might more easily give their opinions.

As for the rest, to wit whether Jeanne should be examined and interrogated further, we should proceed in such a way that by God’s help the matter should be conducted to the praise of Our Lord and to the exaltation of the faith, so that our trial might be without flaw.

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