March 26

March 26, 1431


Monday, March 26th

Here Begins the Ordinary Trial Following the Preparatory Trial

The following Monday, after Palm Sunday, the 26th day of March, in our dwelling at Rouen, before us and brother Jean Le Maistre, vicar of the lord Inquisitor, there appeared the venerable Jean de Châtillon Jean Beaupère, Jacques de Touraine, Nicolas Midi, Pierre Maurice, Gerard Feuillet, doctors of sacred theology; Raoul Roussel, treasurer of the church of Rouen, doctor in both canon and civil law; André Marguerie, archdeacon of Petit-Caux, Nicolas de Venderès, archdeacon of Eu, and Jean de La Fontaine, licentiates in law; Thomas de Courcelles and Nicolas Loiseleur, canon of Rouen. In their presence we had read certain final articles which the Promoter intended to prefer against the said Jeanne.

Then it was decided that in addition to the preparatory trial conducted up to this time through our office, following our decree and conclusion, the said Jeanne should be proceeded against by an ordinary trial; that the aforesaid articles were well drawn up; that the said Jeanne should be questioned and heard before us; that the articles should be put on behalf of the said Promoter by some solemn lawyer or by himself; and that if Jeanne refused to answer them, after she had been canonically admonished, they should be held to be confessed. And after other things it was decided that on the next day the articles should be preferred by the Promoter, and that the said Jeanne should be examined and heard in respect of them.

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