March 4-9

March 4-9, 1431

End of the First Part of the Public Sessions. Sunday, March 4th (-9th)

The Sunday next following, the fourth day of the month of March, and the immediate succeeding days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, We, the said Bishop, assembled in our dwelling at Rouen many venerable doctors and masters versed in divine and canon law, and we collected all that had been confessed and answered by Jeanne in the inquiries, and also an extract of the points whereon she had insufficiently answered, and whereon it appeared she should be further examined.

From the points so diligently collected and extracted, at the advice and deliberation of these learned men, we concluded that we-must proceed to a further examination of the said Jeanne. But since owing to our numerous occupations we cannot always attend in person the necessary examinations, we appointed the venerable and discreet person, Jean de La Fontaine, master of arts and licentiate in canon law, before mentioned, to pursue the legal inquiries in our stead; and we charged him to do this on Friday, March 9th in the presence of the doctors and masters

  • Jean Beaupère,
  • Jacques de Touraine,
  • Nicolas Midi,
  • Pierre Maurice,
  • Thomas de Courcelles,
  • Nicolas Loiseleur,
  • Guillaume Manchon above mentioned.

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