March 24

March 24, 1431

Saturday the twenty-fourth of March.

The interrogations are read in Jeanne’s presence

The following Saturday the twenty-fourth day of March in Jeanne’s prison, before master lean de La Fontaine, the commissary appointed by ourselves, the said bishop and brother Jean Le Maistre, vicar of the lord Inquisitor, and in the presence of the venerable lords and masters

  • Jean Beaupère,
  • Nicolas Midi,
  • Pierre Maurice,
  • Gerard Feuillet, doctors; of
  • master Thomas de Courcelles, bachelor of sacred theology, and
  • master Enguerrand de Champrond, official of Coutances;

the register containing the interrogations and replies of the said Jeanne was read before her in French by Guillaume Manchon the undersigned notary.

But before the reading was begun the Promoter appointed by us and named above, who was present, undertook to prove (in the event that the said Jeanne should deny having made certain of the replies collected in the register) that everything it contained, the questions as well as the replies, had been truly said and done.

After this Jeanne took oath to add nothing but the truth to her replies.

Then whilst this was being read to her

She said that her surname was d’Arc or Rommée and that in her part girls bore their mother’s surname. She asked also that the questions and answers should be read consecutively to her and that which was read without contradiction on her part she allowed to be true and confessed.

She added these words to the article touching her taking woman’s dress: “Give me a woman’s dress to go to my mother’s house, and I will take it.” This she would do to escape from prison, and when she was outside she would take counsel concerning what she should do.

Finally, after the contents of the register had been read to her

the said Jeanne confessed that she believed she had spoken well according to what had been written in the register and read to her, and she did not contradict any other saying from the register.

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